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Fantasy Races 4 by Shadowcross Fantasy Races 4 by Shadowcross
Minotaurs are a powerfully built, yet surprisingly gentle, calm, and patient, race of beastfolk that build their settlements on the open plains. Minotaurs value community, and are fervent defenders of home and family. Minotaur protection often extends to their fellow beastfolk, if they've been adopted as allies. Male Minotaurs have the over-developed sense of guardianship, and coupled with their size, makes them capable warriors. All females have a strong maternal instinct, and make the best mothers. They're also the most likely to adopt non-minotaur children, and love them as her own. Children nursed by Minotaur usually grow up big and strong!

Cursed Minotaurs are a blemish on their reputation. Curse of the Minotaur is a specialized form of lycanthropy, that infects some unfortunate humans. Cursed Minotaurs are magically bound to guard a specific item, and will usually rearrange their new home to resemble a maze. Cursed Minotaurs are always hungry, and can live for hundreds of years without food. Most Cursed Minotaurs are usually in a bad mood when encountered, so dungeoneers are cautioned to expect a brutal fight. True Minotaurs see Cursed Minotaurs with some amount of sympathy, and seek to end their suffering by mercy-killing them.

Gnolls are a rugged race of beastfolk that build their settlements in the wastelands. They have a strong survival instinct, and are capable of eating the foulest things (though they prefer to eat fresh and cooked food). The Gnoll's sharp senses make them expert hunters, and they're are able to track their prey from miles away. They're sadistic combatants with a cruel sense of humor and their eerie laughter has a demoralizing effect. Because of simular habitat, Gnolls are often either allied or at war with the Orcs. Outside their own settlements, Gnolls are welcome in very few places, even if beastfolk are tolerated.

Kobolds are a craven and sneaky race of beastfolk that dwell in the least desirable places. Because of their small size, Kobolds are cowardly and tend to favor ambush tactics, and are quick to flee if the odds turn against them. Kobolds have a natural inclination towards designing and building complex mechanical traps, but the most wicked deathtraps are reserved for contracted clients that have the resources to make their twisted dreams come true. Kobolds are an excellent source of cheap labor, and are often contracted by the Goblins as miners and assembly line workers. Kobolds are easily intimidated and try to avoid antagonizing big folk if they can. Despite this policy, they tend to be bullied by races like Gnolls, Orcs, and Wereboars.

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Copic Sketch Markers C00, C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6,C7 and C8.
Photoshop CS5

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Woo! Kobolds FTW!
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kobold are normaly reptile
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Is it just me or do minotaurs and gnolls "go together." They're my 2 favorite monsers and they've always been side my side in my mind.
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