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Fantasy Races 7 by Shadowcross Fantasy Races 7 by Shadowcross
Stone Giants are a quite and contemplative race that live in the mountains. They value enlightenment and favor a life of secluded tranquility; and pursue it through meditation. Stone Giants maintain a high level of self-discipline, and are very good at fasting and martial arts. They also enjoy tending to their bonsai trees and rock gardens. Despite the fact that most Stone Giants prefer to live alone, there is a large monastery that functions as a their city. This monastery city is in a centralized location, and is intended as a education, cultural, and social center.

It's best to have a great amount of patience when trying to communicate with a Stone Giant, as they will often talk in riddles, answer questions with questions, offer useless fortune cookie platitudes, or invert what you just said; in between extended peroids of awkward silence.

Cyclopes are a race of monocular giants with a talent for mining and metalworking. Cyclopes don't normally build their own settlements, and are usually either living alone or with other giant-kin, Ogres, and Orcs; and usually adopt the values of their host society. Cyclopes have an advanced metallurgical understanding and are the only race (other than the Dwarves) that can smelt and forge Adamant Steel. Although the blacksmithing prowess of the Cyclopes enables to to craft any metal product they can imagine, their signature creation is the Lightning Bolt (a large enchanted javelin), which is highly favored by the Storm and Cloud Giants.

Lone Cyclops usually live in an iron mine, crafting armor and weapons in blissful solitude. They dislike being bothered, but most aren't so terrible as to attack strangers on sight. A Cyclops may react favorably to strangers that know a bit about metalworking, and are willing to spend the day talking shop with him.

Hill Giants are a race of simple but hard-working people that make their settlements in the secluded valleys. Hill Giants are simple, not stupid; and are very good at their professions. Among Giant-kin, the Hill Giants are the closest to the earth and make excellent farmers and ranchers. Although Hill Giant communities are remote, they're not at all xenophobic. If approaching peacefully, they often warmly greet fellow giants, and enthusiastically meet with smaller folk. Hill Giants living in other Giant settlements are happy to take care of all the agricultural work. A Hill Giant's great size is quite intimidating to smaller folk, and an excellent deterant of attacks from them; but Hill Giants are cowardly and subservient at heart, and will flee or surrender if attacked.

Rogue Hill Giants are solitary creatures that terrorize the land, and have developed a taste for the humanoid flesh of smaller folk. Although aggressive bullies, they're still cowards, and any show of force is enough to send them fleeing. Rogue Hill Giants can eat one medium size humanoid a day, so they must be stopped as soon as they're discovered.

Fire Giants are a disciplined and militaristic race of giants that build their fortress cities in the volcanic wastelands near the obsidian desert. They are a society with a strict hierarchy of rank; and every member is expected to lead or follow, as dictated by their chain-of-command. Fire Giants are known for their tactical brilliance, able to assess a situation in moments, and deploy assets appropriately. Fire Giants are also skilled marksmen and gunsmiths, producing quality large caliber carbines too heavy (in weight and recoil) for anyone but giants to use.

The Military rules every aspect of a Fire Giant's life, and all hold a position in one of two branches: The Army or the Militia. The Fire Giant Army is the glorious, prestigious, and mighty expeditionary force. The Fire Giant Militia is the support services, responsible for growing crops, crafting arms and armor, and if needed, defend the homeland if the Army is absent.

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Copic Sketch Markers C00, C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6,C7 and C8.
Photoshop CS5

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