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Hand Study Angle Chart 6 by Shadowcross Hand Study Angle Chart 6 by Shadowcross
Learning how to write a convincing narrative is something I wish I prioritized during the many years I was honing my artistic ability.  I was quite disappointed (actually, at the time, I was devastated), when I learned that writers are much more successful in the cartoon business than artists and animators.  When I realized that major studios outsource the bulk of their animation overseas (mostly South Korea, Philippines, and India), I knew I had to expand my skill-set.

Creative writing is kind of a new experience for me, and a very necessary skill to add to my toolkit.  As a one-man production, the audience is willing to forgive a lot of flaws due to low budget, but poor writing should never be one of them.  Which makes this the next big challenge for me:  figuring out when I am entertaining or informative enough to actually make script, and build a cartoon around it.  But considering how it took me this long to develop my drawing skill, writing may take a while.

This hand shape is the "thumb-out." This asset is useful for scoring a movie, hitch-hiking, or sparing a gladiator.

Feel free to use this as a reference for your projects. I don't mind if beginners trace it (but you amateurs and professionals should just use it as a reference). Just remember to credit me in your comments and link back to either this deviation or my account page.

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Photoshop CS5
Toonboom Animate 2 Pro

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longestdistance Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You, sir, are a lifesaver. Thank you for making these ref sheets
Sir-Herp Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Student General Artist
I feel ya there, man. Writing's hard to master. Best of luck in your endeavors.
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