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Hand Study Angle Chart 8 by Shadowcross Hand Study Angle Chart 8 by Shadowcross
Prior to settling on Toon Boom Animate 2 Pro as my primary software for 2D animation, I had sampled two others:  Anime Studio and Flash. I did not understand Anime Studio, at all.  At the time I was trying it out, there were no books, online tutorials, or instructional videos to help me learn anything. So after about 2 weeks of bumbling through the confusing interface, I just gave up on it.  Flash was easier to understand (by comparison), there is so much documentation on it, that I was more than a little overwhelmed by it.  Thankfully, I could at least understand the lay out of the interface, and I figured out how the tools worked.  I never actually produced any animation with Flash, as I found the scripting/programming aspect of it to be way beyond my skill.

With Toon Boom, in the first few minutes of playing around with the drawing tools, I was able to morph a simple shape (an elipse) into another shape (a rectangle) over a few frames.  That's what sold me.  If I was able to get that kind of result with no prior knowledge, I was confident that dedicated practice would produce amazing results.  I realize now that I may have over-estimated the capabilites of this software, but, come on, I was really excited.

Symbols, in both Flash and Toon Boom are basically self-contained entities, with its own layers, and drawings.  Symbols are of tremendious importance in Flash, as a primary means of organization and utility, but in Toon Boom, it's mostly just used in animation loops.  The primary reason for enchewing symbol use is because of the amazing functionality of morphing.  Morphing is very important in modern animation.  Morphing creates in-betweens automaticly (with some guidance) from one drawing to another, causing for much smoother animation.  As of the current version of Toon Boom, Morphing can not be done to the symbols (at least not externally).
This hand shape is in the Open-Action position.  It's use can be in some number of action poses that call for an open hand, that is not Neutral-Open, or Full-Open.

Feel free to use this as a reference for your projects. I don't mind if beginners trace it (but you amateurs and professionals should just use it as a reference). Just remember to credit me in your comments and link back to either this deviation or my account page.

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Photoshop CS5
Toonboom Animate 2 Pro

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Fabique Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2015  New Deviant
Superb angle poses of the hand. Thank you very much:)
SirNiman Featured By Owner May 28, 2015
Great angle charts! I've just favorited them all!
Aspiring-Artist22 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All of your hand studies are brilliant and will certainly be a major help for myself and artists in similar situations who are looking to truly master drawing and animating hands. 

Thank you very much :D
Sir-Herp Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Student General Artist
I think I've heard of Toon Boom once before. Seems interesting, thanks for the bit of info and your thoughts on it.
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